wrapper around alpinelinux/alpine-make-vm-image
Alternatives To Mkali
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2 years ago4May 18, 20205otherDart
基于JavaScript 的Flutter框架 mxflutter
7 years ago51mitJava
another hotfix framework
Np Manager406
a day ago
Apk控制流混淆;Apk-Dex2C;Res资源混淆;Dex、jar、smali文件的相互转换; Dex、Pdf文件合并; Apk、dex、jar混淆和字符串加密; Apk签名、共存、去除签名校验、对话框取消、去除VPN/代理检测; Res资源混淆; Dex、AXML、ARSC文件编辑及翻译;字符串加密(Apk、dex); 一键添加Xposed检测,一键添加弹窗、对话框; axml反编译/回编译; 一键LOG注入,一键去除所有弹窗(Toast); 一键注入字符串解密LOG,Dex文件换包名; 一键添加禁止截屏,一键添加Apk崩溃日志记录; Apk超级混淆3.0--高效率直接对dex混淆,支持混淆四大组件,支持多dex; Apk功能--DEX混淆对抗;屏幕取色器;屏幕标尺。
2 years agoapache-2.0Kotlin
MVVM 框架,采用 Kotlin+Jetpack,可自由配置功能,欢迎 star,fork,issue
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Mobile Network Intelligence Made Easy -- Android version of MobileInsight app
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Automated Deployment for MobileInsight Development Environment
3 years agogpl-3.0JavaScript
System for capturing Android traffic and labeling it with the 3rd party library responsbile
5 years agomitPython
wrapper around alpinelinux/alpine-make-vm-image
Alternatives To Mkali
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mkali - Make Alpine Linux VM Image

Build Status

This project is a simple wrapper around alpinelinux/alpine-make-vm-image to more easily make Alpine Linux images. It allows configuration similar to mkosi and caches the apk-tool as well as the packages by default so that subsequent builds are quicker. The intention is to upstream some of the changes prototyped here.


See alpine-make-vm-image; also: sudo.


Simply pull this git repo and execute ./mkali $TARGET, where $TARGET is a path to the directory containing your mkali.conf. Available config options can be found at the top of the mkali script.
The example directory contains a simple build that includes an OpenRC service file in etc/init.d/, a program in opt/ and an mkali.postinst script that sets up a new user account and enables the service.
The etc/apk/ directory is needed in every build directory for now, so that apk has access to the alpine GPG keys as well as to the repositories file, in which the user can change the Alpine Linux version (usually latest-stable or edge).

Top level directories in the $TARGET directory are recursively copied into the image before the postinst step.


  • [x] Implement config file sourcing
  • [x] Move generic postinst stuff with 'mkosi.extra'-like functionality into mkali directly, so that user provided postinst can be simpler
  • [ ] Support VERSION in mkali.conf that generates repositories file automatically from template
  • [ ] Upstream apk-tool and apk package caching
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