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Awesome Open Source

Emoji Helper

An Emoji cheat sheet extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Built because I like spamming my coworkers with 🍄 🐷 🚀 🐌 but fortunately have more important things to keep in mind than the name for 🗿

Visit for download links from the official stores.



The build process is done through Gulp.

$ gulp build

The watch command automatically re-builds the sources on change:

$ gulp watch

The generated files are located in the build folders. To load the build folder into the browser, do the following:


You can follow this guide to install a WebExtension temporarily:


Follow this guide and select the build folder.


To create a zipped release package of the extension that can be uploaded to one of the stores, run

$ gulp release

Fetching an updated Emoji list

Our Emoji list is taken from the gemoji project ( Whenever GitHub updates their list of Emoji, you can run

$ gulp fetch-images
$ gulp sprite

to download the updated images and generate a new sprite.

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