An (incomplete) web browser with VI keybindings for BlackberryOS 10

ViBrowserBB10 (abandoned)

These are the remnants of a project I started to create a web browser for BlackBerryOS 10 that behaves like Firefox with Vimperator, and could be controlled with the physical qwerty keyboard that came with devices like the Classic, Passport, etc.

I stopped working on this when there were rumors that BlackBerry was switching to Android for future devices. Since it's obvious they were abandoning the platform, I thought it pointless to continue development.

It's unfortunate, because I still think phones with physical keyboards rock and I'm sad that a keyboard-centric web browser never surfaced for the platform.


Note that I haven't touched this code in years, so everything here is based off of hazy memory:

From what I remember, basic scrolling with hjkl, a "hints" mode, a js "console", page zooming, navigation history/bookmarks, and a few other basic features were working OK for the most part.

Hints mode was very glitchy due to what I think was a bug in the qtWebView, where the viewport would report incorrect screen geometry so not all links on the screen would be highlighted when the 'f' key was pressed.

I think I started to implement some basic CLI commands (like key remapping), but I don't think those were ever finished.

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