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A few scripts for creating and handling a tile sets from digital raster maps. The scripts are based on GDAL tools.

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  • -- creates a tile set tree directory from a GDAL dataset (including BSB/KAP, GEO/NOS, OZI map, KML image overlays);

  • -- sequentially merges a few tile sets in a single one to cover the area required;

  • -- converts tile sets between a different tile structures: TMS, Google map-compatible (maemo mappero), SASPlanet cache, maemo-mapper sqlite3 and gmdb databases;

  • -- converts .ozf2 or .ozfx3 file into .tiff (tiled format)

  • -- converts hdr-pcx chart image into .png


  • -- optimizes png tiles into a palleted form using pngnq tool;


  • -- creates geo-referenced GDAL .vrt file from BSB chart;

  • -- creates geo-referenced GDAL .vrt file from Ozi map;





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