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A simple library for working with streaming ACN in Swift.

Heavily relies on the fantastic libe131 library.


Create a universe and listen for channel value changes.

let universe = DMXUniverse(number: 1)

universe.listener = { universe in
  let channel1Value = universe.valueForChannel(1)

  debugPrint(channel1Value.percent) // Get the value of a channel as a percent.
  debugPrint(channel1Value.absoluteValue) // A UInt8 with the value between 0 and 255.



My listener is never called You'll need to have a device (likely a lighting console) generating an sACN stream on your local network before you'll be able to use this library.

Known issues

  • [ ] This library doesn't always work properly on devices with more than one network interface.
  • [ ] Channel values are currently only read-only.
  • [ ] Tests are lacking
  • [ ] The logs are pretty chatty - this will be replaced by hooks
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