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Predictable is a basic PoC web app to demonstrate how predictive text/autocomplete/lookahead/typeahead can be applied to a contenteditable element. This functionality is seen in real-world apps, with the seminal example being Gmail's "Smart Compose feature". Pressing the Tab key will autocomplete a suggested phrase.

Quick Start

> `git clone`
> `npm install`
> `npm start`
This project is bootstrapped with create-react-app. It also uses Medium-Editor as a solid base for contenteditable. However, neither React nor Medium-Editor are tightly coupled to Predictable's functionality, which is written in vanilla JS and can easily be modified to work with any contenteditable container.

N.b. Being a simple PoC, there are some obvious bugs. E.g. The first word of the text editor in Chrome is, for some strange reason, positioned differently to the rest of the text. This causes the autocomplete placeholder to appear misaligned if applied at the very beginning of a document.

This example uses a large corpus of phrases related to the legal domain, but they can be easily swapped out for another data source. Improvements and PRs are highly welcomed.

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