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Awesome Open Source


xray 提供了很多优秀简洁直观的POC,但是xray并不开源,无法进行二次开发改造。

于是根据xray文档中的检测poc的思路,用cel-go 写了个轮子,方便批量检测。



支持四种检测方式 一对一,单个目标执行单个poc

gopoc -t -p poc.yaml


gopoc -t -P "poc/*"


gopoc -l urls.txt -p poc.yaml


gopoc -l urls.txt -P "pocs/*"


-t 请求超时设置
-n 总并发数
-proxy 代理服务器,目前只测试了http代理


English (by google)

xray provides many excellent concise and intuitive POC, but xray is not open source and cannot be redeveloped.

So according to the idea of detecting poc in the chaitin xray document, I wrote a wheel with cel-go to facilitate batch detection.

Currently using as the verification platform for reverse connection, suitable for small-scale batch verification.

One-to-one, a single target performs a single poc

gopoc -t -p poc.yaml

One-to-many, a single target performs multiple poc

gopoc -t -P "poc/*"

Many to one, multiple targets execute a single poc

gopoc -l urls.txt -p poc.yaml

Many-to-many, multiple targets execute multiple poc

gopoc -l urls.txt -P "pocs/*"

Several other parameters are described below

-t request timeout setting
-n total number of concurrent
-proxy proxy server, currently only tested http proxy

Use -h to view all parameters

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