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what is this ?

This is a NEOVIM configuration for the minimum plugins, and 100% lua!

And now it is can used on mainstream Linux distributions and windows, all dependencies are modularized, you can easily use it on your computer after installing required external dependencies

I suggest you to use neovide, a neovim client, which is written in rust (supports gpu acceleration), and my configuration already includes the configuration of neovide











It is recommended to use the system's package manager to install the following dependencies


  1. Git clone configuration to local

Then you clone this config with command:

Unix, Linux

# This will git clone the neovim-config to your system path
git clone -b lazy_lsp ~/.config/nvim
  1. Open Nvim To Auto Configurate

Now, you just need to use this command nvim to open neovim!

And then you will see that message which tell you missing a lot of plugins, dont worry, just press ENTER to continue, then the packer will Automatically install all plugins.

That looks cool, doesn't it?

  1. Exit And Reopen Neovim

Exit and reopen neovim, it will auto install the lsp, dap, null-ts, treesitter dependencies!

Maybe you need to type :checkhealth to check out possible errors.

  1. Enjoy your self!

Now, you have config Neovim completely, enjoy it!

Recommend Environment

The following environments may be used in lsp (language server proctool), it is recommended to install!

  • GO
  • RUST
  • GCC
  • NODE
  • RUBY


  • Syntax highlight is based on tree-sitter embled Neovim
  • Grammar complement is based on lsp(Language Server protocol) and snippet
  • Code Format is based on null-ls
  • Code Debug is based on dap
  • Diagnostics is based on lsp, null-ls

Preconfiguration languages

  • golang
  • javascript or typescript
  • html, css, tailwindcss3
  • rust
  • c/cpp
  • python
  • lua
  • bash
  • sql

for using other languages, you can Configurate in lua/lsp/list.lua, lua/null-ts/list.lua, lua/dap/list.lua

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