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Generate high-quality, customizable keyboard heatmaps with a single command!


Use pip install tapmap to install the package.


tapmap --help will produce the following help message:

usage: tapmap [-h] [-d D] [-c C] input_file output_file

Generate a keyboard heatmap from a text file.

positional arguments:
  input_file   the name of the file to process
  output_file  the name of the .png file to output

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  -d D         dpi of the output image (defaults to 600)
  -c C         matplotlib cmap argument:
      (defaults to

To generate a keyboard heatmap map.png from an input file input.txt, use: tapmap input.txt map.png

Default CMap

TapMap also supports all matplotlib colormaps: tapmap input.txt map.png -c winter

Winter CMap

There are 79 colormaps to choose from, take your pick from the matplotlib reference.

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