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AsciiDoc Book Toolchain

This repository contains a basic toolchain used to publish book using AsciiDoc. It compiles the book down to:

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • PDF (printable)
  • ePub
  • MOBI

This toolchain has been created and is used in the first place to publish The Hacker's Guide to Python.

Required software

If you run on a Fedora system, just run the deps target of the makefile as root to install them like in :

  • sudo make deps


The book content should be written in the book.txt source file. Once you've made some change you can recompile all the output formats by typing make, or selecting each one you want by typing make book.<format>: such as:

  • make book.pdf
  • make book.epub
  • make
  • make book.html
  • make book.printable.pdf

Difference between the normal and printable PDF

The Makefile generates two different PDF format. The first one named book.pdf is for the electronic version of the book, and embed the cover image. The second one, named book.printable.pdf is intended to be printed on paper, so it does not include the cover and have slightly different dimensions.

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