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Management for indentation level.


Interface that combine all the indentation variables from each major mode to one giant list.


  • Decouple from user knowing each major mode's indentation level variable. (if have)
  • Keep the indentation level across buffers. If you changed the indentation level in buffer A and switch to buffer B with the same major mode; they will have the same indentation level.


You can tweak variable indent-control-records to set the initial indentation level for each major mode.

(setq indent-control-records
  '((actionscript-mode     . 4)
    (c-mode                . 4)
    (c++-mode              . 4)
    (csharp-mode           . 4)
    (sql-mode              . 1)
    (typescript-mode       . 4)
    (web-mode              . 2)
    (yaml-mode             . 2)))

Change indentation level

These functions will change the current indentation level for the major mode that you currently on.

  • indent-control-inc-indent-level
  • indent-control-dec-indent-level

You can tweak variable indent-control-delta to change the size of the one indentation level. The default value is 2.

Make indentation work across all modes

Is easy to make indentation level inherit last time modified in Emacs. Just enable the global minor mode indent-control-mode then it will automatically records all changes from the indentation level.

This minor mode is already get called in prog-mode-hook, but with some major modes that they do not use inherit prog-mode will not work! You would have to manually called it in each mode's startup hook. For instance actionscript-mode doesn't inherit prog-mode so you would have to do the following.

(defun my-actionscript-mode-hook ()
  "My actionscript mode hook."
(add-hook 'actionscript-mode-hook #'my-actionscript-mode-hook)


If you would like to contribute to this project, you may either clone and make pull requests to this repository. Or you can clone the project and establish your own branch of this tool. Any methods are welcome!

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