Deduplicating backup program
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25 days ago51October 25, 2021309otherGo
A new generation cloud backup tool
5 years ago202otherPython
Deduplicating backup program
Minecraft Region Fixer433
a year ago14gpl-3.0Python
Python script to fix some of the problems of the Minecraft save files (region files, *.mca).
Z3333943 years ago15March 06, 201814apache-2.0Python
Backup your ZFS snapshots to S3.
8 months ago1March 24, 202349agpl-3.0Go
A data storage & backup system
6 years ago9mitShell
A performance comparison of Duplicacy, restic, Attic, and duplicity
Pitreos4973 years ago5August 11, 20214mitGo
Point in Time recovery for EOS, pronounced like "Patriots"
5 years ago13otherRust
Deduplicating backup solution
Duplicacy Scripts24
2 years ago2apache-2.0Shell
A set of scripts for running Duplicacy on Unix systems
4 years ago1February 25, 20161otherRust
Encrypted backup system, written in Rust.
Alternatives To Attic
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What is Attic?

Attic is a deduplicating backup program. The main goal of Attic is to provide an efficient and secure way to backup data. The data deduplication technique used makes Attic suitable for daily backups since only changes are stored.

Easy to use

Initialize backup repository and create a backup archive:

$ attic init /usbdrive/my-backup.attic
$ attic create -v /usbdrive/my-backup.attic::documents ~/Documents

Main features

Space efficient storage
Variable block size deduplication is used to reduce the number of bytes stored by detecting redundant data. Each file is split into a number of variable length chunks and only chunks that have never been seen before are compressed and added to the repository.
Optional data encryption
All data can be protected using 256-bit AES encryption and data integrity and authenticity is verified using HMAC-SHA256.
Off-site backups
Attic can store data on any remote host accessible over SSH. This is most efficient if Attic is also installed on the remote host.
Backups mountable as filesystems
Backup archives are mountable as userspace filesystems for easy backup verification and restores.

What do I need?

Attic requires Python 3.2 or above to work. Besides Python, Attic also requires msgpack-python and sufficiently recent OpenSSL (>= 1.0.0). In order to mount archives as filesystems, llfuse is required.

How do I install it?

$ pip install Attic

Where are the docs?

Go to for a prebuilt version of the documentation. You can also build it yourself from the docs folder.

Where are the tests?

The tests are in the attic/testsuite package. To run the test suite use the following command:

$ fakeroot -u python -m
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