Gphoto2 Cffi

Python bindings for libgphoto2 with an idiomatic API
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Python bindings for libgphoto2 with an interface that strives to be idiomatic. In contrast to other bindings for Python, gphoto2-cffi hides most of the lower-level abstractions and reduces the API surface while still offering access to most of the library's features.

import gphoto2cffi as gp

# List all attached cameras that are supported
cams = gp.list_cameras()

# Get a camera instance by specifying a USB bus and device number
my_cam = gp.Camera(bus=4, device=1)

# Get an instance for the first supported camera
my_cam = gp.Camera()
# or
my_cam = next(gp.list_cameras())

# Capture an image to the camera's RAM and get its data
imgdata = my_cam.capture()

# Grab a preview from the camera
previewdata = my_cam.get_preview()

# Get a list of files on the camera
files = tuple(my_cam.list_all_files())

# Iterate over a file's content
with open("image.jpg", "wb") as fp:
    for chunk in my_cam.files[0].iter_data():

# Get a configuration value
image_quality = my_cam.config['capturesettings']['imagequality'].value
# Set a configuration value
my_cam.config['capturesettings']['imagequality'].set("JPEG Fine")

Python 2.7 and 3.4 or newer (CPython and PyPy) are supported.


  • libgphoto2 with development headers
  • A working C compiler
  • cffi


From Source:

$ pip install git+

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