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Developer: Yun-Chen Lo, Steven Wong, Paul Lai

  1. Goal: Write an IC with smallest Cycle Count
  2. Folder Description:


All Parts have passed nLint, presim, gate_sim
  1. testtop.v
  2. testconv.v

Remember to set mem_sel 1 for testing c0-c4| mem_sel 0 for testing d0-d4 alt text

  1. testfc.v alt text


  1. conv_top.v
  2. bias_sel.v
  3. conv_control.v
  4. data_reg.v
  5. fsm.v
  6. multiply_compare.v
  7. quantize.v
  1. fc_top.v
  2. fc_controller.v
  3. fc_data_reg.v
  4. fc_multiplier_accumulator.v
  5. fc_quantize.v


  1. 0_readfile.tcl
  2. 1_setting.tcl
  3. 2_compile.tcl
  4. 3_report.tcl
  5. synthesis.tcl


  1. Overlap convolution layer computation time with fully-connected layer computation time.
  2. Do conv1 with conv2 hardware by folding.
  3. Design FC hardware with smallest number of MACs, but can cooperate with conv hardware.
  4. Reduce weight memory access(# of loading weight/# of bmp)

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