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Productive Sublime Snippets for Ruby


  • Only Ruby snippets
  • Focus on Ruby core and common standard snippets
  • No gem specific snippets, except for stdlib, bundler and rake


  • Search in Sublime's package control for "ProductiveSnippetsRuby" OR
  • Clone into a directory in your Sublime Text Packages folder
  • Delete interfering Ruby snippets

Included snippets

Custom Shortcuts / Wrap around Selection

You can map keys to insert a specific snippet. This makes especially sense for snippets that can be wrapped around the current selection. A good example would be wrapping the selection in a Begin / Rescue statement. To do so when ALT+SHIFT+R is pressed, add this to your keymap file:

  "keys"      :   ["alt+shift+r"],
  "command"   :   "insert_snippet",
  "args": {
    "name": "Packages/ProductiveSnippetsRuby/begin.sublime-snippet"

All snippets that can be wraped arround the selection have a [X] in their description. This allows you to define a key mapping, that shows all snippets that you can wrap arround the current selection:

  "keys": ["alt+shift+w"],
  "command": "show_overlay",
  "args": {
    "overlay": "command_palette",
    "text": "Snippet: [X]"

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