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Write many files atomically

  • Creates temporary files with file contents
  • Moves them all at once using rename()
  • Automatically cleans up after itself
  • Optimized to be as fast as possible
  • Doesn't break file watchers
  • Doesn't swallow errors
  • Includes Flow types


yarn add write-files-atomic


const writeFilesAtomic = require('write-files-atomic');

await writeFilesAtomic([
  { filePath: './foo.txt', fileContents: '' },
  { filePath: './bar.txt', fileContents: '' },
  { filePath: './baz.txt', fileContents: '...baz...' },


type Files = Array<{
  filePath: string,
  fileContents: string | Buffer,
  encoding?: string, // default 'utf8'
  mode?: number,
  chown?: { uid: number, gid: number }, // default `fs.stat` of existing file

declare function writeFilesAtomic(files: Files): Promise<void>;

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