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Buckets is a wrapper around the native Deno bundler, it allows to:

  • access readonly buckets with no js/ts files from your scripts
  • bundle those assets with the scripts into a single .js file to compile with Deno


This library exports 2 methods: loadBuckets and bundle. The first one exposes a tree with the contents of your folders and the second one bundles the app with all the assets. Both methods require the bundle options as unique parameter.


  • key string: this avoids stores clashing
  • optionsUrl string: import.meta.url
  • entry string: relative to config folder
  • output string: if you omit this, the bundle will be sent to stdout
  • buckets BucketOptions[]: a list of bucket configurations. See below


  • name string: for future reference
  • folder string: relative to config folder
  • maxDepth? number: by default, there's no limit
  • exts?: string[]: a list of extensions to filter in.
  • match?: RegExp[]: a list of regexes to filter in
  • skip?: RegExp[]: a list of regexes to filter out
  • trimExtensions? boolean: remove the extension from the file name. Requires option exts
  • decoder? fuction: it uses TextDecoder by default

Arguments marked with a question mark (?) are optional



export default {
  key: "my-key",
  optionsUrl: import.meta.url,
  entry: "app.ts",
  buckets: [
      name: "data",
      folder: "countries",
      name: "mustaches",
      folder: "assets/mustaches/templates",
      exts: [".template"],
      trimExtensions: true,
  output: "app.bundle.js",


import { loadBuckets } from "[email protected]/mod.ts";
import bucketsConf from "./buckets.ts";

const buckets = loadBuckets(bucketsConf);
// {
//   mustaches: {
//     "country-info": ".....",
//     "other-info": ".....",
//     ...
//   },
//   data: {
//     "capitals.txt": ".....",
//     "population.txt": ".....",
//     ...
//   }
// }


import conf from "./buckets.ts";
import { bundle } from "[email protected]/mod.ts";

await bundle(conf);

2021 Jacobo Tabernero Rey - Released under MIT License

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