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kindle_maker is a Python tool which, given a set of html files and a plain text file with toc message, creates a MOBI file that you can directly use on you Amazon Kindle (or any other device that supports MOBI documents).

Want to see what it looks like? Take a look at examples!


  • A working Python 3 environment (tested on OS X + Python 3.7 + Virtualenv and other platforms on travis).
  • Amazon's KindleGen binary (Just do nothing while I have downloaded it for you)


  1. (optional) Source your virtualenv.
  2. pip install git+


  1. prepare html files and a file in a source dir.
  2. write a script
from kindle_maker import make_mobi

source_dir = 'put the source dir here'
output_dir = 'where you want to put the output mobi file'
make_mobi(source_dir, output_dir)

  1. or call in a command-line tool
make_mobi <source_dir> <output_dir>

This will create a <title>.mobi in <output dir>. You can now transfer this file to your device.


see examples at examples.


Have fun.

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