Discord Music

An open-source discord music bot written in javascript
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An open-source discord-music-bot wrriten in Javascript using Discord.js


Slash Commands
Open Source
Good music commands


Recommended version Node.js 16.6.x

To install all the packages just use:

npm install

Lavalink Installation

Host the instance of Lavalink, You can download the binaries from the CI Server For running your lavalink you must install Java 13 And after installing run the lavalink server

java -jar Lavalink.jar

Configuring credentials

For configuring the credentials checkout .env_example and rename it to .env instead And fill your bot token And for lavalink credentials rename lavalink-config-example.js to lavalink-config.js After that put your lavalink details in there


For running the bot:

npm run start
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