Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

An anki add-on that delays all cards by the number of days the deck is overdue.

You may also manually choose how many days you wish to delay the entire deck by. You can also bring the cards in the deck forward by entering negative numbers.

  • inputing 4 delays all cards in the deck by 4 days
  • inputing -4 brings all cards in the deck forward by 4 days

FOR EXAMPLE: This add-on will delay all of the cards based on the MOST overdue card. If one card was overdue by 60 days but the rest by 3 days, they would all be delayed by 60 days.


Click on the gear icon for the specific deck you want to delay. Choose delay option in the menu. usage screenshot


Please be careful to not get into the habit of constantly delaying cards instead of studying.

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