Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

1. summary

  • wine is need for linux or mac, since ResourceHacker only support pe
  • icon option will not support for elf/mach-o
  • dependencies: ResourceHacker 5.1.7, upx 3.92
  • not support virtual file system, you may realize by yourself

2. usage

2.1. simple usage

install wine

# ubuntu 18
sudo apt install wine32

# macos
brew install wine

install global

# you may need sudo on linux
npm i -g @irelance/pkgx
pkgx create pkgxproject

cd pkgxproject

npm run build

2.2. more info

you can get help from command:

pkgx --help

pkgx help create

pkgx help build

3. version check list

  • node8-win-x86 (v)

  • node8-win-x64 (v)

  • node10-win-x86 (x) pkg pack crash

  • node10-win-x64 (x) pkg pack crash

  • node12-win-x86 (v)

  • node12-win-x64 (v)

  • node13-win-x86 (v)

  • node13-win-x64 (v)

  • node14-win-x86 (v)

  • node14-win-x64 (v)

  • node4-linux-x64 (d) you need to find polyfill to support new nodejs feature

  • node6-linux-x64 (d) you need to find polyfill to support new nodejs feature

  • node8-linux-x64 (v)

  • node10-linux-x64 (v)

  • node12-linux-x64 (v)

  • node13-linux-x64 (v)

  • node14-linux-x64 (v)

  • node8-mac-x64 (v)

  • node10-mac-x64 (v)

  • node12-mac-x64 (v)

  • node13-mac-x64 (v)

  • node14-mac-x64 (v)

4. attention

you may change your code to es5 when use nodejs 8.(This project already done for you)

if you use babel, you may use regenerator-runtime for asycn/await/generator

you will hard to pack your application on nodejs 4/6

for example: TypeError: Object.entries is not a function

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