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Task manager is an Android task management tool. It is capable of handling complex task work flow. It's low-coupling, flexible & stable. It supports relation-based tasks. All tasks will be executed in a well-managed order. It can submit tasks with complex relations such as “Or Dependency” or “And Dependency”. Meanwhile, parallel tasks and serial tasks are also supported.

Supported Features

   TM.postAsync(Runnable); // run on background thread
   TM.postUI(Runnable); // run on UI thread
   TM.postUIDelay(Runnable, int delay);
   TM.postSerial(Runnable  , String groupName);//tasks with same group name , runs in FIFO order.
   TM.cancelTaskByToken(Object);// cancel tasks with same token.

1. Task dispatcher:

  • Dispatch task to UI thread or background thread
  • Dispatch task to run on background thread in FIFO order (behaves like background thread Handler ).
  • Submit a group of tasks, to run in parallell. (ParallellTask)
  • To run a task periodically. (TickTask)
  • Run task while idle. (Task.enableIdleRun)


2. Event & Data Dispatcher:


3. Advantages:

a) Change serial tasks into parallel tasks by adding task dependencies, so that we can run several tasks in the same time.


b) Task execute guarantee: Call “TM.needTaskSync” before your business running. In order to make sure your tasks prerequisites are proper loaded.


c) Task recursive dependency testing: In debug mode , task recursive test will be executed in order to avoid some wrong relationship been set to tasks.

Getting Started

add dependencies in your "build.gradle" file

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.iqiyi.taskmanager:taskmanager:1.3.7'

Developer Guide


  • TaskAnalyze: Please refer to Task Analyze(任务分析) function in Lens.
  • TaskRecode: See iqiyi/Lens DataDump Function to check TM task status; You can find running tasks ,finished tasks & task bloking time on DataDump panel.
    public ILogDumper create() {
        return AnnotationLogDumper.create(this)
        // Dump.class:注解类;
        //LensApp.getInstance(): 查询注解的单例对象
                .add(Dump.class, LensApp.getInstance(), StaticDump.class)
        //"TM" : 别名
        // TaskManager.getInstance():查询注解的单例对象
                .add("TM",TMDump.class, TaskManager.getInstance(), TaskRecorder.class);


TaskManager is Apache v2.0 Licensed.

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