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ReportServer Scripting and Template Samples

ReportServer is a modern and versatile open source business intelligence (BI) platform with powerful reporting features.

With ReportServer you are not limited to one provider's solutions. ReportServer integrates Jasper, Birt, Mondrian and Excel-based reporting: choose what best suits your needs!

The example scripts have one script type. The specific type is available in the script's header comment. Note that you can of course use elements of different script types in another type. This was just added to clarify how to use the script examples without modification.

  • Normal Script: can be directly executed via "exec script.groovy" or "exec -c script.groovy", depending if you want to commit changes to the database or not. Details can be found here. Note that these scripts can be scheduled directly. More information on scheduling scripts on the documentation.
  • Script report: can be used for generating reports via script. Details can be found here.
  • Script datasource: can be used for producing datasources and showing any kind of data via scripts. Details can be found here.
  • Hooker: can be used for adapting ReportServer for your specific needs. Details can be found here.

Note that script reports and script datasources can be scheduled via report scheduling. Details here and here.

Further, you can find examples of templates which can be used for data export of dynamic lists directly into Excel, Word (XDoc), Plain-Text (Velocity) or XML.

ReportServer Homepage:

Also refer to the documentation and to the scripting documentation.

ReportServer source code:

Bitnami Builds: and

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