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Collection of algorithms and data structures in C++ and Java

Data structures

Graph algorithms

String algorithms

Sorting algorithms

  • [x] Sorting algorithms c++ java
  • [x] N-th element java

Geometry algorithms


  • [x] Simplex algorithm java

Numerical algorithms

  • [x] Fast Fourier transform (FFT) c++ java
  • [x] Long arithmetics c++
  • [x] Fast subset convolution java
  • [x] Fast Walsh-Hadamar transform java
  • [x] Karatsuba multiplication java
  • [x] Newton interpolation java
  • [x] Laguerre's root-finding algorithm c++

Number theory

  • [x] Primes and divisors java c++
  • [x] Factorization java c++
  • [x] Euclidean algorithm java c++
  • [x] Primitive root c++
  • [x] Discrete logarithm c++
  • [x] Discrete root c++
  • [x] Multiplicative function java
  • [x] Rational numbers java
  • [x] Polynom class c++
  • [x] Linear recurrence and Berlekamp-Massey algorithm c++
  • [x] Modular operations c++


  • [x] Permutations java
  • [x] Combinations java
  • [x] Arrangements java
  • [x] Partitions java
  • [x] Set Partitions java
  • [x] Bracket sequences java
  • [x] Binomial coefficients java
  • [x] Prufer code java

Linear algebra

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