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⚠️ Note: We are currently in the transition of OSGi to Spring Boot. You can track the current progress in this issue. If you are looking for a stable version, please use the latest OSGi-based release (4.0.0) or the master branch.

The Trusted Connector is an Apache Karaf-based platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It supports Docker and trust|me as containerization environments and provides the following features:

  • Message routing and conversion between protocols with Apache Camel
  • Apps in isolated containers
  • Data flow- and data usage control
  • An Apache Camel component for secure communication and remote attestation between Connectors.

The Trusted Connector has acquired the IDS_ready label. Trusted Connector is a composite of the Core Container and the overall system. Please see the online documentation for details.


How to build & run

Please see the Github documentation page

How to contribute

Please refer to the contribution guide

Project structure

├── camel-influxdb Influx DB adapter for Apache Camel. (optional. It is not included in the assembly by default)
├── camel-multipart-processor REST/MultiPart protocol as an Apache Camel component
├── ids-acme ACME 2 client for retrieving TLS certificates for the web console UI
├── ids-api Internal APIs of all IDS connector modules.
├── ids-container-manager Management interface to the underlying container management layer (trustme or docker)
├── ids-dataflow-control LUCON data flow policy framework
├── ids-dynamic-tls Fragment bundle to allow refreshing TLS certificates in Jetty web server without restarting
├── ids-infomodel-manager Provides the IDS information model
├── ids-route-manager _Management interface to the underlying message router (Apache Camel)
├── ids-settings Manages connector configuration
├── ids-token-manager Acquires and verifies JWT tokens received from the DAPS server
├── ids-webconsole Management UI for the connector. Is contained in default assembly but could be moved out of it, if a smaller code base is desired
├── karaf-features-ids Feature definition for Apache Karaf runtime

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