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Netflow v5, v9, IPFIX and Syslog collector and correlator on Python 2.7+

This service is using Python IPFIX library ( backported to 2.7 and Syslog parser and normalizer library pylogsparcer (

To run collector, edit collectord.conf file to suit our needs and run something like python on the command prompt, passing the following comandline arguments: -c -- config file name with path (default is /usr/local/etc/collectd.conf) -l -- log file name with path (default is /var/log/collectd.log) -v -- switch on some verbose output -d -- run in daemon mode (detached from terminal)


./ -c collectord.conf -v -l youlogfile.log

Config file consists of sections, that specify collector ID. You need to fill bind address and port and specify collector type (netflow5, netflow9, ipfix, syslog). Note, that ipfix type is not supported yet.

Right now it just saves captured messages and flows to netflow.log and syslog.log files

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