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Native Extension for Adobe AIR


- share text
- share image

Important! Be shure you are using latest version of AIR SDK. This ANE builded for 21

How to use:

Connect com.illuzor.extensions.SharingExtension.ane file to your android air project. Import com.illuzor.sharingextension.SharingExtension;

  1. Share text:
SharingExtension.shareText("Title", "Text for sharing");
  1. Share image:
var bitmap:Bitmap = ...;

// encoding image by native encoder (availible on FP 11.3/AIR 3.3 or newer)
var bitmapBytes:ByteArray = bitmap.bitmapData.encode(new Rectangle(0, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height), new JPEGEncoderOptions(70)));

var file:File = File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath("image_for_share.jpg");

var stream:FileStream = new FileStream(); // write file to local memory, FileMode.WRITE);

SharingExtension.shareImage(file, "Choser title", "Message"));
  1. Dispose. If you don`t need extension after use, dispose it:

Demo app -


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