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%% This is an instructional script for Matlab to set up a complex-valued neural %% network and, to train it with a dataset of 5 classes in mini-batch %% training, and finally to evalute the trained network with test and %% to visualize results. %% For more information about this project, please refer to report.pdf % The programs are developed in Matlab R2016a and Parallel Computing % Toolbox Older versions may have conflicts in syntax. % Note: in case no Parallel Computing Toolbox available, replace all the % 'parfor' statement with 'for' to disable it. %% Warning: we clear everything first. clear %% quick check? % To test your environment, set this option to run the scripts with minimal % data and loops. quick_check = 1; %% First, set up a network by runing setup_net.m % By default, it has two convolutional layers (three component layers % each) and two fully connected layer of size 128, and a five-way % classifier. The network is designed for input dimension 16 x 16 x 6 % In the script there is also learning rate and its rate of change for % tuning. setup_net %% Second, set up the parameters for training and testing % In the first part, the dimension of the inputs are defined. The second % part is training configuration, in which the number of epochs, batches, % and inputs of each class are defined. % The third part, testing configuration, defines the inputs of used for % testing during training. After every epoch in training, a subset of % testing set is used to evaluate the intermediate perforance of the % network. % Note: consider the size of dataset when changing the parameters. setup_params %% Third, prepare training set and testing set. % By default, it loads the variance-covariance matrix of PolSAR at % 'data\cm_alldata.mat' and its labels 'data\cm_labels.mat' and generate % inputs_train.mat that has the training set and a subset of testing set, % and inputs_test.mat that has the entire testing set. % The number of each set is defined in setup_params.m % Note: You might have to replace seperator '\' with '/' on non-Windows % machines. setup_data %% Four, train the network. % Learning curves over epochs are plotted at the end of training. In % addition, for the purpose of analysis, it plots the average error of each % class over selected tests as well as the actual outputs of the five-way % classifier. train_net %% Five, the entire testing set is used to evalute the trained network. % The correctness rate overall and of each class are printed in console. % Note: You might have to replace seperator '\' with '/' on non-Windows % machines. test_net %% Finally, label and print an image % By default, it loads 'data\cm_alldata.mat' % The resolution of the image can be set in the file. % Note: You might have to replace seperator '\' with '/' on non-Windows % machines. label_and_print

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