HYBRID is a modeling toolset to assess the integration and economic viability of Integrated Energy Systems (IES).



One of the goals of the HYBRID modeling and simulation project is to assess the economic viability of hybrid systems in a marked that contains renewable energy sources like wind. The hybrid system would be a nuclear reactor that not only generates electricity, but also provides heat to another plant that produces by-products, like hydrogen or desalinated water. The idea is that the possibility of selling heat to a heat user absorbs (at least part of) the volatility introduced by the renewable energy sources.

The system that is studied is modular and made of an assembly of components. For example, a system could contain a hybrid nuclear reactor, a gas turbine, a battery and some renewables. This system would correspond to the size of a balance area, but in theory any size of system is imaginable. The system is modeled in the ‘Modelica/Dymola’ language.

To assess the economics of the system, an optimization procedure is varying different parameters of the system and tries to find the minimal cost of electricity production.

Currently,the HYBRID repository is based on:

RAVEN : RAVEN v 1.1 (and newer). See GITHUB WEBSITE TRANSFORM-Library : TRANsient Simulation Framework of Reconfigurable Models. See GITHUB WEBSITE DYMOLA: DYMOLA 2020x. See Dymola Website

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