Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


a slide deck presentation tool written in pure bash



  • All slides are plain-text files.
  • Vim like navigation.
  • Text color and style formatting.
  • Pure bash.


  • bash 4+


Create a directory for your slides. Name each slide starting with a number and a hyphen, like so:

$ mkdir deck
$ touch deck/1-first-slide.txt
$ touch deck/2-another.txt

# so on

Note: Make sure to prefix the first 9 slides with a 0 (01-foo.txt, 02-bar.txt ...), if you have more than 10 slides.

Finally, run:

$ shlide deck/


  • Next slide: j, n, ;, space, enter
  • Previous slide: k, p, ,, backspace
  • Jump to first slide: 0
  • Jump to last slide: G
  • Reload: r
  • Quit: q


Slide content can be formatted like so:

Welcome to ${GRN}shlide${RST}. ${STR}Here${RST} are a few bullet points:

- first point
- second point
    * ${ITA}sub point${RST}
    * ${BLD}another${RST} sub point

Note: Make sure to ${RST} (reset) at the end.

A full list of formatting options are below:


Key Effect
BLK black
RED red
GRN green
YLW yellow
BLU blue
PUR purple
CYN cyan
RST reset


Key Effect
BLD bold
DIM dim
ITA italics
UND underline
FLS flashing
REV reverse
INV invert
STR strikethrough

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