Take medications on time using a powerful medication reminder app. Made with DDD architecture + Drift + Riverpod + Go Router + Rxdart + Service Locator + Freezed finally with 💙
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10 days agoDart
This is a flutter roadmap and documentation repository. If anyone is interested you can join the party to help the community and make flutter great again.
5 months agomitDart
The Flutter app for https://valkyrieapp.xyz
3 months agomitDart
Take medications on time using a powerful medication reminder app. Made with DDD architecture + Drift + Riverpod + Go Router + Rxdart + Service Locator + Freezed finally with 💙
Flutter Ddd Template6
2 months agoDart
My DDD(Domain Driven Design) template for quickly bootstrapping Flutter apps inspired by Resocoder
a year agoDart
Flutter sample project with DDD
Special Tests4
5 days ago3Dart
Special tests (ልዩ ምርመራ) is an application that provides information to users, which makes them able to find and then request an appointment to special tests available in different clinical laboratories or hospitals. These special tests may include: Fertility Test, Thyroid Hormone Test etc.
8 months agomitDart
Multi Translator build with Flutter, It developed with DDD (Domain Driven Design) principles.
Ceyehat App2
3 days agoDart
My senior project, app.
a year agomitDart
An Instagram clone app made with Flutter and Firebase.
Alternatives To Healsense
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Flutter Healsense Application

Frame 1


Every code structure for this application is open source apart from GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY. Since this is an application in production, you must get GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY, create .env file on the top of the project, and include the key right there for running the app successfully.

Supported Null safety

Project architecture (DDD Architecture Approach)

1. Why:
* We want to determine what types of database that we use for storage (might want to change it later on)
* We want to adhere to SOLID principles since we are using OOP for this project.
* We want to ensure that UI layers do not care what is going on at the data layer at all.
* We might want to separate each layer into different packages.
2. Application - Di - Domain - Infrastructure - L10N - Presentation.
3. Presentation layer consist of
* Pages
* Widgets
4. Domain layer
* Core (Value objects, Failures)
* Repositories interface
* Entities
* Typically one function, but can be more if functions are related.
* Remember, one class has one responsibility only.
5. Infrastructure layer
* Core
* Data Source
    * locals (Database)
    * remotes (API)
* Repositories (Implementation from Domain layer)
* Models
* Services
6. Application layer
* State Management solution (Riverpod Binding Framework)
* States according to that framework
* Notifiers according to that framework
7. More insight of layers


DI pattern

Dependency Injection is a great design pattern that allows us to eliminate rigid dependencies between elements and it makes the application more flexible, easy to expand scales and maintain. In the project we use Plugin injectable and get_it to implement DI and we have also defined classes so you can easily implement DI in the DI layer.


The project has predefined Named routes (Go Router)


  * All resources (images, fonts, videos, ...) must be placed in the assets class

Getting started

Get dependencies and generate necessary files.

We'll handle the generation of required files for 🚀 your onboarding!


Using this library to handle multi-languages. Follow this guide to understand and config languages files

You've done entire steps correctly and I make sure that this project will have paramount effect on your progress learning Flutter

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