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🔥 HTML Cheatsheet 🗺️

This is the cheatsheet for the basic syntax, terminologies, markup, and common elements of HTML.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of all the elements HTML has. For an awesome HTML Reference, click here.

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I present to you - The HTML Cheatsheet 💪

HTML Cheatsheet

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What is a syntax?

All languages have a syntax. English, Urdu, HTML, JavaScript all have a syntax. In English, we learn when to write commas, full-stops, paragraphs etc. Similarly there are syntax rules for HTML.

HTML is a markup language that has ONLY one thing - Elements. HTML is a collection of elements. A combination of elements are used to build a webpage.

Rules of writing HTML Elements

1. All elements have have an opening tag


2. The Opening tag has the name of the element <elementname>

3. All elements close.

4. Either elements self-close <elementname />

5. or they close via a closing tag

<elementname> // Opening tag
</elementname> // closing tag

6. Elements optionally have attributes and attributes have value

<element att="value">

7. Elements optionally have children between the opening and closing tag


These children can either be more elements or simply plain text

        children of second element

        children of third element

📋 HTML References

The above was how to write HTML, now you may want to know all the different elements there are available in the HTML language.

Luckily, Mozilla and a ton of open source contributors have put together an HTML Reference.

It has a list of all HTML elements by category.

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🗺️️️️️Want a CSS Cheatsheet as well?

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