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About Hyperion

Hyperion is an opensource Bias or Ambient Lighting implementation which you might know from TV manufacturers. It supports many LED devices and video grabbers.



  • Low CPU load makes it perfect for SoCs like Raspberry Pi
  • Json interface which allows easy integration into scripts
  • A command line utility for testing and integration in automated environment
  • Priority channels are not coupled to a specific led data provider which means that a provider can post led data and leave without the need to maintain a connection to Hyperion. This is ideal for a remote application (like our Android app).
  • Black border detector and processor
  • A scriptable (Python) effect engine with 39 build-in effects for your inspiration
  • A multi language web interface to configure and remote control hyperion

Supported Hardware

You can find a list of supported hardware here.

If you need further support please open a topic at the forum!


Contributions are welcome! Feel free to join us! We are looking always for people who wants to participate.

For an example, you can participate in the translation.
Join Translation

Supported Platforms

Find here more details on supported platforms and configuration sets


Covers these topics:

Visit Documentation


Released and unreleased changes at




See Documentation or at


Releases available from the Hyperion release page

Privacy Policy



The source is released under MIT-License (see
GitHub license

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