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Hypernetes Build Status


Hypernetes project has been renamed and migrated to new repo: Stackube. Please enjoy it there!

Stackube is 100% upstream Kubernetes, no fork!

What is Hypernetes?

Hypernetes is a secure, multi-tenant Kubernetes distro. Simply put,

Hypernetes = Bare-metal + Hyper + Kubernetes + KeyStone + Cinder + Neutron.

What Hypernetes does?

Hypernetes envisions a future of ***"Container-as-a-Service without IaaS"***. The idea is to combine the orchestration power in Kubernetes and the runtime isolation in Hyper to build the truly secure multi-tenant CaaS platform.

Hypernetes also integrates with a number of OpenStack projects:

  • Keystone (Authentication)
  • Neutron (SDN)
  • Cinder/Ceph (Persistent Storage)

How Hypernetes works?

Architecture Diagram

Getting Started

Please check h8s getting started guide to play with Hypernetes.

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