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Cloudflare Public Dynamic IP Update

Updating public dynamic IP address to existing cloudflare DNS record
Only support chaning IP of A records. If you specifically want support for other records type, please open an issue.


Using curl and jq (Need to install epel-release prior to install jq in CentOS).
Check whether jq is installed on your system or not before use this script.

Need to run configure.bash once before execute cloudflare_dynamic_ip_update.bash.
While running configure.bash, you are prompt to enter API token. The API token should have Zone:Read and DNS:Edit permission. If you need detailed guideline how to get API Token, please check this document.

Tested Environment

If you used this code in other OS and confirm that it works successfully (in all situation), please make an issue with brief test result.
As soon as I check the issue, I will update the list.

Test Condition

  • Current IP is same as record's IP, must see the proper message indicating the identity
  • Current IP is not same as record's IP, record's IP must be updated and see the proper message indicating the record has been updated
  • Has no connection, and see the error message

Tested OS List

As the script has been modified a lot, the previous tested version list has been removed. You are welcome to create an issue with test results.

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) arm64

Other contributors

  • Rp70 provides update to support API Token and records with same name. PR #5


If you have any question or want to report an error (or any other suggestion), simply make an issue with description.

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