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CV Backbones (including GhostNet, TinyNet, etc.)


2020/11/10 The code of TinyNet (NeurIPS 2020) has been release at MindSpore Model Zoo.

2020/10/31 GhostNet+TinyNet achieves better performance. See details in our NeurIPS 2020 paper: arXiv.

2020/09/24 We release GhostNet models for more vision tasks on MindSpore Hub and MindSpore Model Zoo.

2020/06/10 GhostNet is included in PyTorch Hub.

GhostNet Code

This repo provides pretrained models and inference code for TensorFlow and PyTorch:

For training, please refer to tinynet or timm.

TinyNet Code

This repo provides pretrained models and inference code for PyTorch:

Model Desription

GhostNet: More Features from Cheap Operations. CVPR 2020. [Paper] [arXiv]

By Kai Han, Yunhe Wang, Qi Tian, Jianyuan Guo, Chunjing Xu, Chang Xu.

GhostNet beats other SOTA lightweight CNNs such as MobileNetV3 and FBNet.


  title={GhostNet: More Features from Cheap Operations},
  author={Han, Kai and Wang, Yunhe and Tian, Qi and Guo, Jianyuan and Xu, Chunjing and Xu, Chang},
  title={Model Rubik’s Cube: Twisting Resolution, Depth and Width for TinyNets},
  author={Han, Kai and Wang, Yunhe and Zhang, Qiulin and Zhang, Wei and Xu, Chunjing and Zhang, Tong},
  journal={Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems},

Other versions

This repo provides the TensorFlow/PyTorch code of GhostNet. Other versions and applications can be found in the following:

  1. timm: code with pretrained model
  2. Darknet: cfg file, and description
  3. Gluon/Keras/Chainer: code
  4. Paddle: code
  5. Bolt inference framework: benckmark
  6. Human pose estimation: code
  7. YOLO with GhostNet backbone: code
  8. Face recognition: cavaface, FaceX-Zoo

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