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Hungry Hero Game


Please DO NOT use the graphic assets in any commercial projects. Use them for learning purpose only.

The ActionScript source code of this project is FREE. You can redistribute and/or modify it in accordance with the terms of the accompanying Simplified BSD License Agreement.


Hungry Hero is an open source Flash game built on Starling Framework.

This game is built to give developers an idea of how a typical Starling based game looks like. The basic idea is to showcase how easy it is to build a Stage3D game, giving your games the power of GPU rendering or Hardware acceleration.

Some of the features & highlights this game showcases: -

  • Textures
  • Animation using the Juggler
  • Texture Atlas or Sprite Sheets
  • Parallax Background
  • Mouse/Touch Interaction
  • Collision/Hit Detection
  • Object Pooling
  • Bitmap Fonts
  • Starling Extension: Particle System

Though this project is developed considering the size of Apple iPad 1 & 2, with basic changes to the configuration files, it can be made to run on any device that supports Adobe AIR/Flash and is developed with "One code, multi-screen" in mind.

Play the Game

Play the game on - Hungry Hero Website

Video Tutorials

Learn to build this game from scratch through the video series: - Starting with Starling

Supporting Frameworks & Libraries

Please download the following frameworks & libraries for this game to compile: -

Concept, Design & Development

Hemanth Sharma (

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