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Forté: User-Driven Generative Design

An interactive sketch-based tool that lets you create organic structures such as this robot's new leg.

alt text


The current version is limited to a few platforms. Let me know if you'd like to run Forté on something different.

  • The MATLAB setup is specific for Mac OS.
  • The client-server communication currently is set up for Google Chrome only.

Prerequisites Installation

  • Install the R2016b(9.1) MATLAB runtime to run compiled MATLAB application for topology optimization.
  • Install Python 3 if you haven't.

Running Forté

  1. Open Terminal, navigate to Forté's directory.
cd forte-master
  1. Start Forté backend.
  1. Open another Terminal window or tab, navigate to Forté's directory, and start a local server for Forté front end.
./ 8888
  1. Start Chrome with flags to enable client-server communication.
  1. In Chrome, navigate to Voilà!

Hello World

Let's get you started with Forté by redesigning this leg for a quadruped robot.

alt text

Forté's tool bar, just for future reference.

alt text

Step 1: You start by drawing this curve, which represents how you want the new robot leg to look like.

alt text

Step 2: You then draw the load (the weight of the robot's body) in red arrow, and the boundary condition (the ground where the leg stands) in blue.

alt text

Step 3: Then hit the ▶ button to play with different techniques you can select from the dropdown list.

alt text

Step 4+: Your turn! Play with the tool.


To learn more about Project Forté, please visit the project page, or read the Medium post.

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