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copervil - C OPERated VIsual Language


lets bring power and flexibility to visual programming world


work in progress, early prototype

threaded unstable version leaves in separate branch

developed and tested to work on linux (latest Ubuntu), but will be easy to port on windows and other platforms


  • Node - basic information on nodes
  • Patch editor - patch editor controlls
  • System - advanced information, new nodes programming

dependencies to run from sources

  • common deps: make, gcc
  • patch editor deps: libglfw3-dev (> 3.3.0)

thirdparty libs:

  • nanovg deps: premake4

build and run

clone with submodiles:

git clone --recurse-submodules [email protected]:honix/copervil.git

run this commands in project root folder:

make run

todo (topmost is priority)

  • messaging over threads using signals?
  • multi-selection and panning in patch editor
  • save load patches (maybe using non-c high-level language)
  • maybe loop.h (scheduler) will be dropped after (loop works in main thread, and oply helpful on delayed node execution when opening patch (see on_open node))
  • patch_editor custom user nodes (inputboxes, buttons, graphs and etc)
  • rethink node creation API from C
  • better, systematic error logging
  • try to plugin big drawing/sound engines like ogre, try run both in same time
  • patch_editor *.so objects is too big, they staticly linked with nanovg

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