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Awesome Open Source


Altumo is a library of tools for web development under the MIT License.

It currenly contains source code that includes:

  • php classes
  • linux bash scripts

In future versions, we plan for it to contain:

  • javascript components based in google closure
  • javascript services based in node.js
  • c and c++ classes and functions


  • PHP 5.3.4
    • Extensions:
      • CURL
      • mongodb client
      • libxml (--enable-libxml)
      • simplexml
  • "Altumo Packages" require mongodb 1.2+
  • Classes under the Symfony_1_4 directory depend on Symfony 1.4


  • git clone git://


  • ./

Sample Usage

**See the markdown files for specific usages for each library component.

require_once( __DIR__ . '/loader.php' );
$http_client = new \Altumo\Http\OutgoingHttpRequest('');
$response = $http_client->send();

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