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Doom Emacs' Snippet Library

This repository contains the yasnippet snippets library for Doom Emacs.

It also exposes a small API to assist in writing your own snippets, including doom-snippets-expand for easily writing snippet aliases, and snippets for the project/framework-specific minor modes available to Doom Emacs users.


  • Doom Emacs users need only enable the :editor snippets module.

  • This package isn't available on MELPA yet.

  • Otherwise, clone this repo somewhere local and use:

    (use-package doom-snippets
      :load-path "path/to/emacs-snippets"
      :after yasnippet)

Snippets API

This library exposes a small API to assist you in writing your own snippets. This is not an exhaustive list, but are the most useful.

doom-snippets-expand PROPERTY VALUE &optional MODE

This is primarily used for creating snippet aliases. A snippet alias is a snippet that will expand another snippet when used. e.g.

In js-mode/class:

# name: class
# --
class ${1:Name} {

In js-mode/cl:

# name: class
# key: cl
# type: command
# --
(doom-snippets-expand :name "class")

doom-snippets-format FORMAT &optional DEFAULT TRIM

Returns FORMAT, which is a format string with a custom spec:

spec description
%s The contents of your current selection (yas-selected-text)
%! A newline, if your current selection spans more than a single line
%> A newline, unless the point is at EOL
  • If yas-selected-text is empty, DEFAULT is used.
  • If TRIM is non-nil, whitespace on the ends of yas-selected-text is trimmed.

An example of its use:

# -*- mode: snippet -*-
# name: while ... { ... }
# key: while
# --
while ${1:true} { `(doom-snippets-format "%n%s%n")`$0 }

If the selection consists of a single line, this will expand to:

while true { console.log("Hello world")| }

If it consists of multiple lines, it will expand to:

while true { 

PROPERTY can be :uuid, :name, :key or :file, and MODE restricts the snippet search to a certain snippet table (by major mode). It isn't wise to use MODE to reference snippets for other major modes, because it will only see snippets that yasnippet have already loaded (and it lazy loads each table).

doom-snippets-without-trigger &rest BODY

Performs BODY after moving the point to the start of the trigger keyword.

Without this, tests like bolp would meaninglessly fail because the cursor is always in front of the word that triggered this snippet.

# -*- mode: snippet -*-
# name: .to_string()
# key: ts
# condition: (doom-snippets-without-trigger (eq (char-before) ?.))
# --


If this variable is non-nil, this package will define the following shortcut function aliases for your convenience:

  • !%! = (doom-snippets-format "%n%s%n")
  • !% = (doom-snippets-format "%n%s")
  • %$ = (doom-snippets-format "%>")
  • (%expand ...) = (doom-snippets-expand ...)
  • (%format ...) = (doom-snippets-format ...)
  • (%without-trigger ...) = (doom-snippets-without-trigger ...)

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