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Hifi Protocol Coverage Status Commitizen Friendly License: LGPL3.0

An implementation of zero-coupon bonds on the Ethereum blockchain. In-depth documentation on Hifi is available at

The built contract artifacts can be browsed via


The contracts are written in Solidity and the tests in TypeScript. If you want to contribute, familiarity with Hardhat, Ethers and Waffle is requisite.

Pre Requisites

Before running any command, make sure to install dependencies:

$ yarn install


Compile the smart contracts with Hardhat:

$ yarn compile


Compile the smart contracts and generate TypeChain artifacts:

$ yarn typechain

Lint Solidity

Lint the Solidity code:

$ yarn lint:sol

Lint TypeScript

Lint the TypeScript code:

$ yarn lint:ts

Format Code

Run the Prettier formatter:

$ yarn prettier

Test Unit

Run the unit tests:

$ yarn test:unit

Test Integration

Run the integration tests:

$ yarn test:integration


Generate the code coverage report:

$ yarn coverage


Delete the smart contract artifacts, the coverage reports and the Hardhat cache:

$ yarn clean



For any concerns or feedback, open an issue or visit us on Discord to discuss.


Everything is released under the LGPL3.0 license.

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