Make Porto Win European Best Destination 2017

Let's make 🌇 Porto 🏆 win the 💶 European Best Destination 🎉 2017
Alternatives To Make Porto Win European Best Destination 2017
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Alternatives To Make Porto Win European Best Destination 2017
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Let's make 🌇 Porto 🏆 win the 💶 European Best Destination 🎉 2017

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Uses Pollmommy and Tor to hack the election of Porto as the European Best Destination 2017 from European Best Destinations.


  • Bypasses the poll voting system 👮 protection: cookie 🍪 and IP address 💻 ✅
  • Launch 🚀 inside a Docker container 🐳 so you don't need to manage the dependencies 🙌 ✅
  • Uses a Tor network setup that is optimized to deliver a different IP address on each vote ✅
  • Quickly deploy 🏃 and easily scale 👬 the number of voters by using Rancher ✅

How to use

Use it in your terminal

Run the Docker image in a container

docker run -d -p "3000:3000" hfreire/make-porto-win-european-best-destination-2017

Use it in with Tor on Mac OS X

Run the Docker image in a cointainer using the Tor network

brew install tor
echo "MaxCircuitDirtiness 10" >> /usr/local/etc/tor/torrc
tor &
docker run -p "3000:3000" -e PROXY=socks5:// -e VOTE_PERIOD=10000 hfreire/make-porto-win-european-best-destination-2017

Available REST API endpoints

Swagger documentation available at http://localhost:3000/docs.

Available environment variables

Variable Description Required Default value
PROXY Proxy hostname and port that will be used to tunnel the votes. false undefined
VOTE_PERIOD Time period (in seconds) between each vote. false 5
OPEN_PAGE_TIMEOUT Timeout (in seconds) to open poll website. false 120
EXECUTION_TIMEOUT Timeout (in seconds) to execute the injected code to vote. false 90
PORT The port to be used by the HTTP server. false 3000
API_KEYS The secret keys that should be used when securing endpoints. false undefined
SO_TIMEOUT TCP socket connection timeout. false 120000
LOG_LEVEL The log level verbosity. false info
ENVIRONMENT The environment the app is running on. false undefined
ROLLBAR_API_KEY The server API key used to talk with Rollbar. false undefined

How to build

Clone the GitHub repo

git clone

Change current directory

cd make-porto-win-european-best-destination-2017

Run the NPM script that will build the Docker image

npm run build


In the news and social media

How to contribute

You can contribute either with code (e.g., new features, bug fixes and documentation) or by donating 5 EUR. You can read the contributing guidelines for instructions on how to contribute with code.

All donation proceedings will go to the Sverige för UNHCR, a swedish partner of the UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency, a global organisation dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.


Read the license for permissions and limitations.

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