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Confluence as a backend -> expressjs -> reveal.js as a presentation -> Profit!


  • Confluence server(or cloud)

How to run

$ docker run -ti -p 3000:3000 \
      -e HOST= \
      -e CONTEXT=wiki \
      -e AUTHTYPE=no \
$ HOST= CONTEXT=wiki AUTHTYPE=no node ./www/bin

You can get a frontpage at the localhost:3000/. Or open your preferred browser and type localhost:3000/page/:your-confluence-page-id. The page id should be a number.

Try latest version and gist demo.


You can override configs with environment variables.

Name Notes
HOST http(s)://
CONTEXT You can set this with '' (empty string) when you don't have context trailing after the hostname.
AUTHTYPE no | basic | cookie
PINNED_PAGES You can pin your notice pages. Comma-separated ids.
$ docker run -d -p 3000:3000 \
      -e HOST= \
      -e CONTEXT=wiki \
      -e USERNAME=haha \
      -e PASSWORD=hoho \


Type Notes
Slide Add double horizontal rule from the Confluence editor. Or you can use four dashses(----) twice.
Vertical Slice Add single horizontal rule
Links Use any link style which Confluence support
Image Use any image style which Confluence support including attachments not only external one
Background Image Make the last image as a background if you reset an image size to original
Table Use Confluence table as usual
Fragments Ends a sentence with (unicode return symbol)
Code Highlight Use Confluence code block
Theming Use a query parameter ?theme=black or type t on a slide
Transition Style Use a query parameter ?transition=slide

Supporting Confluence Plugins


Check this Keyboard Shortcuts out

  • N, SPACE: Next slide
  • P: Previous slide
  • , H: Navigate left
  • , L: Navigate right
  • , K: Navigate up
  • , J: Navigate down
  • Home: First slide
  • End: Last slide
  • B, .: Pause (Blackout)
  • F: Fullscreen
  • ESC, O: Slide overview / Escape from full-screen
  • S: Speaker notes view
  • ?: Show keyboard shortcuts
  • alt + click: Zoom in. Repeat to zoom back out.


  • T: Change the theme

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