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Examples, Demos and Custom Map Components written by the HERE Maps Coding Community

NOTE These examples are for the deprecated 2.5.4 JavaScript API. Newer 3.x examples can be downloaded here and also viewed on jsFiddle.

Simple Examples: A series of graduated code examples using the Maps API for JavaScript, each example displays a short snippet of code with the correct syntax to do a specified task - for example "How do I add a Polygon to the map?" Useful when getting started, or as an aide-memoire when writing something new.

Advanced Examples: A second set of examples, demonstrating the use of the advanced features of the Maps API for JavaScript. These examples cover more difficult concepts such as asynchronous loading,KML and Map overlays.

Demos and Custom Components: Demos showcase the power of the Maps API for JavaScript when mashed up with other APIs or data sources. Custom Components extend the basic functionality of the API to introduce new components which offer additional capabilities (such as GeoJSON parsing). The files necessary for each demo can be found in a separate directory. Each custom component also offers a demonstation of usage where the component itself can be found within a separate libs directory. Obviously demos and custom components cover a very broad range of subjects, so they have been split thematically below:

See the LICENSE file in the root of this project for license details.

Demos and Custom Components

Custom Components

  • Map Restriction - Restricts the map to a certain region or zoom level
  • Interactive Control - Simple method to add "onclick" and forwarding to map markers
  • Magnifier - Demonstration of map observers showing a high zoom map over the base map.
  • Text on Icon - adding text to a custom marker
  • Tooltips - custom control to add tooltips to markers
  • x-Ray - demonstration of map observers showing a satellite map over the base map

Directions Rendering

Geocoding Demos

Heat Map Mashups

  • Flickr - heatmap of locations people have taken photos and uploaded to Flickr
  • Instagram - heatmap of locations people have taken photos and uploaded to Instagram

KML + GeoJSON Demos

KML Generation Tools

GeoJSON Parsing Examples

KML Parsing Examples

AJAX Loading

Map Overlay Demos

  • Aerial HERE Maps Styles - A demonstration of available aerial HERE Maps map types (terrain, satellite etc.) and available languages.
  • Base HERE Maps Styles - A demonstration of available HERE Maps base map types and available languages.
  • Map with POIs - A HERE Map displaying points of interest icons.
  • Bilingual Map - A HERE Map in Chinese and English
  • Community Maps - A demonstration displaying the HERE Maps community map layer using a quad key algorithm.
  • Grid Overlay - A demonstration of TMS (Tile Map Server) syntax using a tile overlay from the National Library of Scotland.

Sidebar Component

Simple Examples

Basic code snippets to get you started:

Advanced Examples

The advanced examples are split thematically as shown:

Advanced Map Objects

Asynchronous Loading





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