Electron Typescript React Mui

Lightweight, modern boilerplate built with electron, typescript, react, and material-ui.
Alternatives To Electron Typescript React Mui
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Alternatives To Electron Typescript React Mui
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Electron, TypeScript, MUI (formerly Material-UI), React Boilerplate

Modern and lightweight boilerplate built with electron, typescript, react, webpack, and mui. This also demonstrates live-reloading and static images.


Major technologies


Recommended tools

Getting Started

  1. Download this repo or run the following command to clone it
git clone https://github.com/hellosoftware-io/electron-typescript-react-material-ui myapp
  1. Navigate to the project root
cd myapp
  1. Using NPM 7+, run the following command to install dependencies
npm install
  1. Run the following command to build and start the development version of your app with live reloading.
npm run dev


Run npm run package to build and package your electron app.

Common issues

xcrun: error: invalid active developer path

This is caused when elecron-builder tries to sign a build. Run xcode-select --install to install the necessary Xcode tools.

Folder structure

| - dist/               //- Generated by Webpack automatically
| - node_modules/
| - packages/           //- Generated by build script automatically
| - static/             //- Global static assets
| | - electron.svg
| - src/
| | - main/             //- Backend modules for the Electron app
| | | - main.ts         //- Entry point of 'electron-main'
| | - renderer/         //- Frontend React components for the Electron app
| | | - index.tsx       //- Entry point of 'electron-renderer'
| - webpack/            //- Webpack config files
| | - electron.webpack.ts
| | - react.webpack.ts
| - .eslintrc           //- ESLint config
| - .gitignore
| - package-lock.json
| - package.json
| - tsconfig.json       //- TypeScript config
| - webpack.config.js   //- Webpack config


Pull requests are always welcome .


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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