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A curated list of awesome data labeling tools
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A curated list of awesome data labeling tools


  • labelImg - LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images
  • CVAT - Powerful and efficient Computer Vision Annotion Tool
  • labelme - Image Polygonal Annotation with Python
  • VoTT - An open source annotation and labeling tool for image and video assets
  • imglab - A web based tool to label images for objects that can be used to train dlib or other object detectors
  • Yolo_mark - GUI for marking bounded boxes of objects in images for training neural network Yolo v3 and v2
  • PixelAnnotationTool - Software that allows you to manually and quickly annotate images in directories
  • OpenLabeling - Label images and video for Computer Vision applications
  • imagetagger - An open source online platform for collaborative image labeling
  • Alturos.ImageAnnotation - A collaborative tool for labeling image data
  • deeplabel - A cross-platform image annotation tool for machine learning
  • MedTagger - A collaborative framework for annotating medical datasets using crowdsourcing.
  • Labelbox - Labelbox is the fastest way to annotate data to build and ship computer vision applications
  • turktool - A modern React app for scalable bounding box annotation of images
  • Pixie - Pixie is a GUI annotation tool which provides the bounding box, polygon, free drawing and semantic segmentation object labelling
  • OpenLabeler - OpenLabeler is an open source desktop application for annotating objects for AI appplications
  • Anno-Mage - A Semi Automatic Image Annotation Tool which helps you in annotating images by suggesting you annotations for 80 object classes using a pre-trained model
  • CATMAID - Collaborative Annotation Toolkit for Massive Amounts of Image Data
  • make-sense - is a free to use online tool for labelling photos
  • LOST - Design your own smart Image Annotation process in a web-based environment
  • Annotorious - A JavaScript library for image annotation.
  • Sloth - Tool for labeling image and video data for computer vision research.


  • YEDDA - A Lightweight Collaborative Text Span Annotation Tool (Chunking, NER, etc.). ACL best demo nomination.
  • ML-Annotate - Label text data for machine learning purposes. ML-Annotate supports binary, multi-label and multi-class labeling.
  • TagEditor - Annotation tool for spaCy
  • SMART - Smarter Manual Annotation for Resource-constrained collection of Training data
  • PIAF - A Question-Answering annotation tool


  • EchoML - Play, visualize, and annotate your audio files
  • audio-annotator - A JavaScript interface for annotating and labeling audio files.
  • audio-labeler - An in-browser app for labeling audio clips at random, using Docker and Flask.
  • wavesurfer.js - Simple annotations tool, check the example.
  • peak.js - Browser-based audio waveform visualisation and UI component for interacting with audio waveforms, developed by BBC UK.
  • Praat - Doing Phonetics By Computer
  • Aubio - Tool designed for the extraction of annotations from audio signals.


  • UltimateLabeling - A multi-purpose Video Labeling GUI in Python with integrated SOTA detector and tracker
  • VATIC - VATIC is an online video annotation tool for computer vision research that crowdsources work to Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

Time Series

  • Curve - Curve is an open-source tool to help label anomalies on time-series data
  • TagAnomaly - Anomaly detection analysis and labeling tool, specifically for multiple time series (one time series per category)
  • time-series-annotator - The CrowdCurio Time Series Annotation Library implements classification tasks for time series.
  • WDK - The Wearables Development Toolkit (WDK) is a set of tools to facilitate the development of activity recognition applications with wearable devices.


  • webKnossos - webKnossos is an open-source web-based tool for visualizing, annotating, and sharing large 3D image datasets. It features fast 3D data browsing, skeleton (line-segment) annotations, segmentation and proof-reading tools, mesh visualization, and collaboration features. The public instance hosts a collection of published datasets and can be used without a local setup.
  • KNOSSOS - KNOSSOS is a software tool for the visualization and annotation of 3D image data and was developed for the rapid reconstruction of neural morphology and connectivity.



  • Label Studio - Label Studio is a configurable data annotation tool that works with different data types
  • Dataturks - Dataturks support E2E tagging of data items like video, images (classification, segmentation and labelling) and text (full length document annotations for PDF, Doc, Text etc) for ML projects.
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