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HemoLearn is a Python module to estimate the Haemodynamic Response Function (HRF) in brain from resting-state or task fMRI data (BOLD signal). It relies on a Sparse Low-Rank Deconvolution Analysis (SLRDA) to distangles the neurovascular coupling from the the neural activity.

This package was used to produce the results of the Cherkaoui et al., submitted to NeuroImage 2021, paper

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The required dependencies to use the software are:

  • Numba >= 0.51.2
  • Joblib >= 0.11
  • Numpy >= 1.14.0
  • Scipy >= 1.0.0
  • Matplotlib >= 2.1.2
  • Nilearn >= 0.5.2
  • Sklearn >= 0.22.1
  • Threadpoolctl >= 1.0.0
  • Prox_tv


All material is Free Software: BSD license (3 clause).


In order to perform the installation, run the following command from the hemolearn directory:

python3 install --user

To run all the tests, run the following command from the hemolearn directory:



In order to build the documentation, run the following command from the doc/ directory:

make html




You can check the latest sources with the command:

git clone

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