No bullshit temporary mail service written in Go
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Roger the pyro kiwi


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A temporary email service and API built in Go. No JavaScript. No tracking. No analytics. No bullshit.

Check it out here: https://burner.kiwi


Burner.kiwi is designed to be an easy to use, fast, and lightweight temporary mail service. It purposefully doesn't include tracking code, analytics, or advertising and has a beautiful and responsive UI.

For those wanting to self-host, burner.kiwi is designed to be able to run on both AWS Lambda and normal machines. It has several backing database implementations and can be flexibly configured.

There are three production-ready database implementations: DynamoDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite3.

There are also two email implementations: Mailgun and SMTP. SMTP allows you to receive emails directly at no extra cost but will not work with AWS lambda.

This is project still a work in progress, if you think you can help, see the To Do section.

Deploy Your Own!

To run burner.kiwi yourself, you can build a binary or use the official docker image.


To perform a build you must have minify installed, and a working go installation.

make build

Or if you wish to use SQLite3 you must run (this enables CGO for sqlite, the binary produced is capable of connecting to any database):

make build-sqlite


Run all of burner.kiwi's tests locally:

make test

Configuration Parameters

These are all set as environment variables.


Parameter Type Description
LISTEN string address to listen on. Default is :8080 which is all interfaces, port 8080
LAMBDA Boolean Whether or not the binary is being hosted on AWS Lambda
KEY String Secret key used to sign cookies and keys. Make this something strong!
WEBSITE_URL String The url where the binary is being hosted. This must be internet reachable as it is the destination for Mailgun routes
STATIC_URL String The url where static content is being hosted. Set to /static to have the binary serve it. Otherwise set to a full domain name with protocol e.g https://static.example.com
DEVELOPING Boolean Set to true to disable HSTS and set Cache-Control to zero.
DOMAINS []String Comma separated list of domains connected to Mailgun account or that have correctly set MX records
RESTOREREALIP Boolean Restores the real remote ip using the CF-Connecting-IP header. Set to true to enable, false by default
BLACKLISTED []String Comma separated list of domains to reject email from


Parameter Type Description
EMAIL_TYPE String One of mailgun or smtp
SMTP_LISTEN String Listen address for SMTP server (default 25)
MG_KEY String Mailgun private API key (if using mailgun)
MG_DOMAIN String One of the domains set up on your Mailgun account (if using mailgun)


Parameter Type Description
DB_TYPE String One of memory, postgres, sqlite3 or dynamo for InMemory, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 (not this requires building with SQLite3 support) and DynamoDB respectively
DATABASE_URL String URL for the PostgreSQL database or filename for SQLite3 see documentation here.
DYNAMO_TABLE String Name of the dynamodb table to use for storage (if using DynamoDB)


If you are using DynamoDB in a non-AWS environment you need to set these. If you are on AWS you shouldg use IAM roles.

Parameter Type Description
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID String Your AWS access key ID corresponding to an IAM role with permission to use DynamoDB
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY String AWS secret access key corresponding to your access key ID
AWS_REGION String The AWS region containing the DynamoDB table. Use the appropriate value from the Region column here.


If you notice any issues or have anything to add, I would be more than happy to work with you. Create an issue and outline your plans or bugs.

To do

  • More tests for server package
  • Proxy images to disrupt tracking pixels
  • Attachments

If you think you can help, then create an issue and outline your plans.


Thanks to:

  • cdubz for adding SQLite3 and custom address support
  • lopezator for switching to go modules


Copyright 2018-2022 Hayden Woodhead

Licensed under the MIT License.

The Roger logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

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