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Awesome Open Source


List all of your npm scripts from package.json and run one of your choosing in just one short command :)


Just add this to your global npm packages like so: npm install --global interactive-scripts or yarn global add interactive-scripts.


After installing globally with npm or yarn, simply run scripts in your terminal.

See the example gif where I demonstrate its use in an actual project:

demo gif

Why not just npm run or yarn run?

Good question.

yarn run already prints out the project's commands and opens a prompt for you to type the name of the command to run.

npm run also lists out the project's commands, but does not open a prompt.

So, the main differences between using your existing package manager's run and scripts is that scripts...

  • provides a scrolling interface of all of your scripts instead of listing them all out at once
  • allows you to select the command to run via arrow keys and enter instead of typing the name
  • is a whopping 1 character shorter than yarn run 🤷

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